St Moriz Original Fake Away Self Tan Remover, 200ml

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St Moriz

Fakeaway! Contains a gentle cleansing emollient to remove your self-tan.The natural walnut shell powder removes stubborn tan and more importantly, polishes the skin ready for the next layer of fresh new tan. Formulated with moisturising agents, to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, tan free and ready to glow.

For the perfect tan removal, wait until at least 3 days after applying your self-tan and follow these instructions: • Wet skin (in shower). • Squeeze Fakeaway Self-Tan Remover into the palm of your hand and, in circular motions, work into a light lather over the area of tan you wish to remove. • Use a damp cloth to wipe off and then rinse thoroughly. • For stubborn areas repeat the process.

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