St Moriz Advanced Pro Insta-Grad Self Tanning Mousse, 200ml

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St Moriz

The INSTA-GRAD TANNING MOUSSE is an advanced dual acting formulation, which delivers a convenient, time saving way to achieve an instant colour plus build up a natural glow over time. 

• Shower, dry, apply. No mess, no fuss. Tan & go in an instant!

• No need to wait for your tan to develop, gives an instant bronzed finish that will remain the same shade all day until you wash it off.

• The gradual tan will be busy working whilst you go about your day.

• Wash off and unveil a natural looking sun kissed glow.

• Build able colour that can be applied daily to achieve your perfect shade. With everyday use, the gradual tan will build into a deeper colour. The more often you use Insta-Grad, the deeper your colour will go.

  • Instant colour
  • Instant tan + gradual build up
  • No mess and no fuss
  • Tested on sensitive skin
  • 100% naturally derived tanning agent
  • Ideal for fair skin
  • Patented mood enhance fragrance technology

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